Hit My Heart Songs is an independent music publisher and home of British Songwriter-Producer Ashley Hicklin. It began as a one-man-band, but a few hits later we expanded a little - we now look after a few topliners & producers and we also have Kimmy, Arne and Bertie taking care on the pitching/admin side of things. Meet our team by clicking here.

Being Native-English speakers, our forte has become lyrics and melodies - but we’re also pretty nifty on guitars, pianos and the geeky production side of things too. The last few years have been pretty amazing - Thirteen No.1 releases and over Twenty Top-Ten releases all across the world. It’s been a combination of hard-graft, a great team, and also a little bit of luck - right studio, right time.

We travel A LOT and are currently collaborating with international artists such as Tiesto & Robin Schulz and also the teams behind Lana Del Ray, Amy Winehouse, Hurts and various other acts/producers. We love what we do but couldn’t do it without the incredibly talented network of producers, artists, managers, A&Rs and sub-publishing partners growing around us. Say hello to some of our sub-publishing partners here.

If you’re interested in one of our songs or if you’d like to set-up a co-write with one of our writers then give us a shout - we organise things very fast and make clearance very simple:

Kimmy@hitmyheartsongs.com  //   Arne@hitmyheartsongs.com

Happy Listening Peoples!!!!!!